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Welcome to Ghost Towne...

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Ghost Towne Official
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The official LJ of the rock band, GHOST TOWNE

My name is Jennifer Cody. I am the band manager for a Japanese Rock band called GHOST TOWNE, and have been for almost one year. I have held many professions, especially recently in the LA/SF music scene. Currently i am living in San Francisco for a few months, then moving back down to the LA/Hollywood are I was previously, and where my band is based.

If you have any questions about music or the and, please feel free to contact me here, or thru the myspace, or email me at AYRALAN@GMAIL.COM


For booking for GHOST TOWNE, please contact me through my email, or call me at 858/344.8523
We are always looking for new venues and bands to perform with, in the California/Arizona/Nevada area, and also beyond when time and money permit. If you have a suggestion, be it band or venue or convention, please let us know!

For EXCLUSIVE music, shows, Pics, Vids and other info, please visit here:


Member Bio: (currently going thru new member line-up)


~ Nobu Kawamura ~

Fukuoka, JAPAN

~ Masa Nishimura ~

Kyoto, JAPAN

~ Mikayla Gluskin ~


Formerly known as Nobu Yellow Blues Band, we changed our name recently
to GHOST TOWNE. We are a hard striving Rockn' Roll band just trying to
create a new style of music. All of us are from Japan or the US and
presently reside in the Los Angeles area.

Ghost Towne's music has been defined in many ways, but at the core is
always an amazing Rock performance. With many influences including
blues, classic 70's rock, soul, funk and psychedelica, everyone
can find something that touches them. Some songs are slow and
haunting, like 'Ghost Town' or 'Shadow in a Diamond', more bluesy
like 'Lizard's Tale', fast and hard rock like 'Stoneman' and 'Rockn'
Roll Philosophy', or mysterious and Arabic influenced like 'Spicey
Chicken'. Whatever you feel like calling the music, there's no doubt
that its unique and the musicians are talented and consumed with the
feelings their music brings out in people.

Upcoming Shows:

Venues we've performed:
Crash MansionLA (opening for Great White), Blue Cafe, The Jumping Turtle, San Jose Convention Center, Zen Sushi, Coffee Adventures on Fisherman's Wharf,
Tribal Cafe, Awakenings Cafe, Cat Club, Kelly’s pub, Babe’s and Ricky’s, and many more! We are a Live Band, we play and share genuine music not the artificial music.

Conventions we've perform:

Scheduled to:
AnimeLA09- Jan 4th

We sell our CD with 7 songs for ONLY $3!!! If you are interested in it, please contact us!!!!

e -mail



1. Rockn'Roll Philosophy

2. Ghost Town

3. Morning,Morning

4. The Book

5. Signal Of The Race

6. Lizard's Tail

7. Kind Woman

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